Two Suitability versions: A geoportal extension for local governments and an R Shiny app for research and innovation

Select the version that best matches your project

The geoportal version was released in 2020. This version was developed as an Oskari extension. This integration has plenty of advantages for teams and local governments. Spatial data can be stored, visualized, and edited in the same application. Users can skip most of the data preprocessing and can collaborate with their teammates or with other working groups, with ease.

The research version is highly customizable, can be used for rapid prototyping, and includes powerful statistical analytics. It aims to boost the research and developer community to design and implement new multicriteria analysis techniques by enabling the incorporation of new methods and easily test them.

The table below summarizes the differences between versions:

Technical specs for the geoportal version

System requirements

ST was developed as a modular tool including:

  • The visual interface developed under Angular 8.2.1

  • The calculation modules developed under Python 3.0

  • The connection to the server based in Oskari under Java (JDK 8.0)

  • The database and calculation methodologies developed under PostgreSQL 9.6

The minimum requirements for the ST installation are:

  • Ubuntu 18.04 and Oskari 1.55.1

  • For the main server at least 8GB on RAM and 30GB in storage

  • For the calculation modules server at least 16GB on RAM and 20GB in storage


As a general process, the installation includes just a few steps, including:

  • Oskari installation and integration of the ST server and ST visualization tool

  • Installation of the calculation modules (can be automatized)

  • Creation of the admin profile and preparation of the tool

The detailed description, packages, modules and in deep steps can be consulted in our GitLab repository by clicking here.